Frequently Asked Questions

 We try to anticipate questions you may have about our services and provide the answers here.  If you need additional information please visit the contact us tab.

What is an Amphibious Ultralight Trike? And is it safe?

An amphibian ultralight trike is a FAA approved special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) tested to strict industry standards. It can land on the water with welded aluminum pontoons or on land on the ground with three wheeled retractable landing gear.  Our aircraft are maintained and inspected by FAA certified mechanics.  We have a 100% safety record.

How fast does it go?

T The plane you will be flying in has a 19 meter wing.  We will cruise around 40-60 mph.  Larger wing sizes allow for slower flying while smaller wings are designed for faster flying.  Some trikes can cruise at over 85 mph.

What if I just want to go for a ride and not have a lesson?

We are not a tour operator.  The sole purpose of your Discovery Flight is to acquaint you  to the pleasure and thrill of flying in a light-sport aircraft.  You can even take the controls but leave the takeoffs and landing to us.  Upon conclusion of your flight you can decide if trike flying is something you would like to pursue.  You are not obligated to any further instruction by taking a Discovery Flight.

What kind of weather can we fly in?

Lake Havasu City has over 290 cloudless days a year and 17 day where is could possibly rain.  The weather here is great for flying aside from some windy days blowing down the Colorado River valley.  Ultra-light trikes handle wind and turbulence very well.  We generally fly with smooth wind speeds up to 15 knots.

What do I need to wear?

In the Arizona winter months and Montana summers we suggest dressing in layers.  Upon arrival we can assess the temperatures and determine what clothing is needed.  Flight helmets and headsets are worn so a hat is not needed.  We do recommend gloves.  I n summer, shorts and t-shirts are fine.  No flip-flops or any loose articles of clothing.

How high will we be flying?

You will fly about 500-2000 feet from the ground.  If you like, we will make a "touch-n-go" or land on the water.  Then it's up to 1000' or more to get a better view.  This Cygnet amphib can perform from a few feet high to several thousand feet.

Can I bring a camera?

Anything dropped from the aircraft poses a threat to the plane and possibly those on the ground.  Therefore no cameras are allowed unless they can be secured with a lanyard.  NO cellphones.  If you would like to take videos, we have multiple Go-Pro mounts on the aircraft.  Please let us know ahead of time if you would  like raw video footage as we can accommodate that with some notice.

Can two people fly at the same time?

This aircraft is designed for one pilot, and one student.  If you would like to fly together please let us know.  We can schedule another flight instructor if there is one available.

Are there age or weight limits?

Children must be old enough to take directions and weigh at least 75 pounds.  If you are over 200 pounds please let us know that, as we can accommodate up to 250#.

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